Project Summary:

SUPPLY: 7,500 available to mint, 7,777 total Saviors
PRICE: Varying $$$ for Merch Mint | Free for limited P2E Mint
              0.02 ETH for Greenlist | 0.04 ETH Public Mint
NETWORK: Ethereum (once on Proof-of-Stake!)
PURPOSE: 20% to Ocean Conservation!
CARBON OFFSET: SeaTrees Reforestation

Donation Tracker: $25,000 to Date!


Access to Greenchip DB

Access to ClimaTech Network

Generate $VZN every day

Companion Project Airdrop

1 Savior = 1 DAO Vote

Access to NFT Worlds Plot

Early Access to Merch Drops

VIP Access to IRL Events

Unlock Hidden Discord Channels

Access to VZN Giveaways



Greenchip Database


Beach Cleanups


Metaverse Buildout

Community Events

DAO Voting

Saving Metaville!

(Doxxed) Team: